Wednesday, May 28, 2008

roman holiday

favorite movie of all time. . . even more now :)

when in rome...

roma drinking fountian
you just drink right from them or fill up your water bottle
coolest thing ever
well, today we didn't do as much sight seeing. today we lived like the romans do. relaxed and taking it easy. first, i got to sleep in and then off to the market. it wasn't exactly like i had imagined it. the clothes were all really cheap but, not any i liked very much. i did get a couple of really pretty rings like the one above. they are cool because they look old and are big, and chunky, and just are from italy. i also got a pair of classic italian black high heels. they were really nice and cheap and i liked them. i'm excited for them. then my last thing i got was some really cute sunglasses. i liked the market. then we went to lunch at a little family-owned restuarant. it was so cute and delicious. they even grew their own herbs out front. it was so cool. after that we had to get swimsuits so i bought my own italian swimsuit and also so perfume that smells so good and its in italian. i love italy. tomorrow our plan is to go by the sea and eat lunch then go to this little town thats supposed to be like pompeii except bigger and better. i'm excited. one thing in italy that i don't like is the no ice thing. it drives me crazy!! i'm so craving ice right now. but one cool thing about rome is they have these water fountians everywhere that just run always that have fresh water coming out of them. they are so good. well, i'm going to take a nap on a swing in a garden. could life get much better??

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

italy is amazing! i'm having the time of my life. we went out in roma today and it was great. in the morning we headed to the vatican to go through the musems. it was so neat. we saw the sistine chapel, some of michaelanglos work, some da vincis, roman and greek statues, and just some amazing works of art. the whole musem was just gorgeous with everything that was in it. it was hard to take pictures but it was incredible. the picture above is st. peters chapel. we got to it and the line was like 4 miles long. thats not even a joke too. we decided not to go in it but just looking at it and seeing the beauty was enough. we also got to see the plaza and that was just incredible. the columns everywhere and the balcony was just beautiful. probley my favorite part about the vatican was its pure beauty. i loved looking out the windows and seeing the pretty green trees and fountains and old buildings everywhere. it was breathtaking.

next we walked for a loooonnnng time. but it was cool to see all the sites and just roma. it was beautiful. everyone lives in apartments, like the ones in the very first picture. the traffic is incredible. everyone drives so fast, parks everywhere, and it feels like you are going to run into someone. seriously, there are cars and vespas everywhere. they are all small cars too. the vespas go up and down the lanes and the lines don't mean anything to these people. its really quite cool. they are always cutting each other off and its so great to watch. after we walked for a while we ate lunch at a litlle italian cafe. it was so fun and cute. the food was soooo good. so in italy, there are some wierd customs you have to get used too. first, they eat their salad after their dinner. that was wierd for me and i messed that up the first time. second, they don't like ice. i asked the waitress for some ice, and she gave me the funniest look. i guess europeans don't like ice. i love ice. i couldn't believe it. needless to say, she never brought me any ice.

after that we got to old rome. the place where all the history is at. its amazing. we stopped by a spanish piazza and it was so pretty. the work that must have gotten into these must have just been so hard. next we walked. ha. but then we got to one of my most favorite places. the trevvi fountain! (picture at the top) that place was cool. there weren't that many people there. but a lot. i got some pictures. (don't worry mom, i've been taking pics and i'm in some of them) and the best part, i got to make a wish and throw a coin in the fountain. it was great.
next place we went was the panthenon. we were walking down this little alley when, bam, there it was. it was amazing. a true roman buliding. it was everything that i imagined it would be. the inside was just beautiful. gorgeous paintings and sculptures. thats how the whole city is. there are baliscas everywhere with just some amazing artwork adn architecture. there are also little fountians and sculptures and all the town plazas. they are just so pretty.
i also bought my first souviners today. a really cool italy jacket that says "italia" on it. its blue and i love it. i also got sam's present. ;) but i bought this little poster for my room of audrey hepburn and gregory peck on a scooter in rome. its a ad for their movie "roman holiday" and its all in italian. i love it so much. if you haven't seen that movie go and rent it. its a keeper.
well, i got my first of many gelatos yesterday. my goodness, it was so divine. i got coconut, and it was just so good. holy cow, i've never tasted anything better. i think thats where i'm headed is the gelato shop. ha yea!
to sum it up i love italy so much. the best place in the world. i can't believe i still have so much time left. ciaobella!
italian word of the day- grazie (grat-zie) one of the words i use a lot. means thank you.

Monday, May 26, 2008


so i decided to write a little more. italy is wonderful. the plane ride. . .not so much. i got really sick and it just feels horrible. worst headache ever. but my second cousin bonnie who i'm staying with helped me and i'm feeling a little better. i'm staying in a cute little apartment like the one above, and its really pretty. later tonight we're going to walk around, eat gelato, and eat dinner. tomorrow the sight seeing begins. yea!! i'm super excited to see everything. well, ciao!


well, i made it! its so pretty and wonderful. more to come soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So i'm in this performing group called LIGHT and its amazing. The people in it are my best friends and will be forever and ever. The kids in it are amazing and wonderful!! I'm so blessed to be a part of such a great group. It costs a lot of money and i have no time for anything else but it is so incredible, its worth it all. We are always doing performances and firesides and they are so fun and great. You should try and come. This group has made me who I am today. The spirit is always there and it is so strong and amazing. I hope you all can come to a performance or fireside and be truly enlightened!! :)

* the first picture is us in Branson Missouri in our fireside outfits.

* the second one is in Independence and it was amazing because we got to sing there and it was beautiful.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

These are some of my Best Friends!!
(from right) Maria, Ciera, Marla, Kayla, and Me!
I love them!!!